Singapore Architects Leave Their Mark

 Singapore Architects

When Singapore is mentioned, many things immediately spring to mind. Mouthwatering local cuisine, the unique spoken form of English, and diverse traditions and cultures. They are all true, but above all, it’s also the perfect place to take that priceless selfie with your loved ones, in front of famous architectural marvels – and they are plentiful to choose from, thanks to the invaluable contributions by some of the finest Singapore Architects.

Diverse architecture

From residential condominiums to hotels to churches to mosques – the dizzying list goes on, and Singapore is home to some truly unique architecture, attributed in part to outstanding Singapore architects. While there are glitzy buildings like the Marina Bay Sands to take your breath away, there are just as many cherished landmarks steeped in tradition to stoke deep nostalgia and take you down memory lane. Liu & Wo Architects are here to help you with your architectural needs.

 Singapore Architects

Come up close with architectural landmarks in Singapore

There is the stately parliament building in all its colonial charm softly beckoning you forward, and then there is the tourist hotspot along the once-sleepy-now-glamorous Arab Street where you will not only find great authentic middle eastern and Malay food, but also the iconic Masjid Sultan that transports you back in time when the area was still pretty much just a sleepy back alley sparsely dotted with early Arab traders from Yemen that have called Singapore their home. 

Singapore Architects have defined the Singapore skyline with more than merely heritage buildings. Modern iconic architecture to refuses to be outdone. We offer services for highrise, industrials, and houses.

Singapore Architects

There are many instantly recognizable ones – such as the 3 sharply-angled Gateway office blocks along Beach Road that’s nothing short of a geometrical masterpiece… Just a stone’s throw away stands the majestic Parkview Square, a swanky office building which from the exterior resembles a high-end hotel that’s likely to intimidate 9 out of 10 uninitiated passersby.

Wherever you turn, one modern building after another springs up like beautiful roses vying for the coveted crown in this garden city.

Attracting international architects

Singapore has an impressive average income per capita of $55,000 USD. Her growing affluence as a mighty financial hub has attracted many international architects, complementing the existing pool of local Singapore Architects. We also offer conservation and others.

Instead of crossing swords, eastern and western architectural inspiration all dance to the same tune. Drawing upon the best of each other sets the stage from which the best design ideas are often born.

 Singapore Architects

Celebrating international architectural collaboration

Working hand in hand, cross-cultural design influences are evident and they blend in perfect harmony by incorporating trends from around the world.

A perfect example of stunning fusion architecture unanimously goes to the Esplanade – hands down. Its dome courageously takes on the form resembling a giant durian to reflect the “Asian-ness” of it, while the interior is pleasantly contrasted with lots of modern-looking aluminum and glass structures.

You will also be greeted by gorgeous avant-garde art installations at strategic parts within the one and only performing arts center in Singapore.

Over the years, Singapore architects have grown from strength to strength, and from one architectural achievement to another. Continually engaging the best of international and Singapore architects to be involved in mega landmark projects is perhaps the most sincere standing ovation we can ever give.

Which they so rightfully deserve.

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